Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and you thought gas was high how bout 5376.00 a gallon for ink printers,

hi folks, thanks for stopping by,, when i started some time ago,, many of the cartridges were larger, (the top photo is the smaller cartridges and the lower one is the larger one) in fact there is an hp printer today that i use that is 12-14 years old, its a workhorse, the cartridges hold 5-10 times more then the new stuff out today, and in fact all the dvd cover and anything to do with my woodcarving shows all have been printed on theses machines,, its like the old say from timex it just keeps going,, if you have a printer today,, most are not as durable as the old 900 series , the old 900 series in fact back when the first came out, cost about 200 -300 for a printer,, but now i can find them for 10-50 either on ebay or at a flea market, and you will have to purchase a cable that will run about 40 so that you can plug it into a usb port, well yes you run the chance of getting a printer that no longer works but if you happen to run across one of these get one,, now the ink in a black cartridge is 42cc the new ones today, can be as low as 4-12 ccs depending on what your using,, its amazing,, let put a price on the 42 cc cost about 37.00 the new ones cost 14-19 dollars,, but if you had to buy say four of the smaller ones you would be spending about 96.00 verses 37.00 or if it has 5-6 cc costing about 14 it would take ten of them at a cost of 140.00 verses 37.00 ,, isnt that amazing,, and we are worried about gas prices,, if you got a gallon of ink and you bought enough cartridges to make one gallon of ink it would cost you 5376 dollars yes that is five thousand three hundred and seventy six dollars, here is how that is done
one gallon = 128 ounces x 30cc in each ounce =3840 /10 cc of ink in each cartridge some are less then ten =384 cartridges x 14.00 each cartridge cost in the store =5376.00
amazing,, so the next time you get a new printer ask what cartridge does it use and how much does it hold,, not how many pages they claim that it prints, happy printing or carving, arleen

Monday, May 9, 2011

hi welcome hope to help you save some money on inkjets

hi welcome this is my first of hopefully many posts, how to save money when purchasing inkjets,, first of all i have been refilling inkjets at my farm in honey brook pa for the last 13 years,, it was a nice little side business that i one day came across how to refill inkjets,, with lots of testing i did most of the work refilling that folks ( local and by mail ) sent to me,, and there are so many different cartridges on the market not one machine could keep up with it in the pass, so i continued to refill most by hand one by one,, many of my customers today have been with me for years, as new inkjets refillers came and went,, refilling is not a once and done deal,, there are many factors when refilling these,, little tricks to the trade so to say,, that took me a long time to understand and to learn .... this past week i decided to do either one of two things,, as the new cartridges became more difficult to refill by hand,, it was time to invest in a machine, or decide to close it ,,,,, after some time , i came to trust my one supplier that i had for years for an honest assessment about refilling machines,, these machines are not cheap can cost up to thousands, with their help , i found a machine that i was looking for... wow i was impressed, like a woodcarver having the right tool,, now i have the right machine to refill , so now i will have a grand opening of the business this aug 2011 , my prices have never gone up ,, 12.50 for black and 13.50 for color,(some new black cartridges will be less ) plus pa tax of 6 % , i do mail orders no problem, have done many of them in the pass,, most cartridges can be refilled, i do over 40 different cartridges,, email me your cartridge number and i email you if we do them,, i will also start to blog what printers are the best in saving you money, i think you will be surprised by what you will learn, thanks for joining me , and if you have any questions then email me i will be happy to help you out,, zomerenterprises@yahoo.com thanks for stopping by , arleen
this is an older website your welcome to come visit,, most of the inkjet info is correct, and shipping information etc